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The Truth About Sports Betting:  Must read before placing your next Sports Bet

The truth is there are no "locks" or "whale" plays and no algorithms that can project an outcome of a game better than the lines set by the books.  Handicappers and Sports Consultants falsely claim they have an "edge" to lure you into buying their overpriced sports packages only to leave you disappointed with the results.   Sports Betting is a multi-billion-dollar industry.  Artificial intelligence (AI), Algorithms and Game Simulations utilize 1000's of parameters to set the Vegas line.  If you are randomly placing bets, it has been for entertainment purposes only.  Yes, you can win but the law of averages and "juice" required to place bets make it nearly impossible to profit consistently over a period of time.  The foundation for PSI is PROBABILITY wagering.   The likelihood of event happening over a few plays or games.  The end result is profitable wager on events with 82%-96% success rate over a given period of time growing your bankroll at a steady pace. PSI has never had a losing month and the addition of PSI Live has taken PSI to the next level.  

Our mission at PSI is to create a community of Sports Investors
who all share a common goal to be profitable in the sports betting industry.


PSI Experts cover all Major Sports


Why Become a PSI Insider?

PSI Insiders get full access to see summary of investments to make each day. 

Your time is valuable.  PSI Team does all the work and provide Insiders concise breakdown of investing opportunities that are proven to be profitable.

No large bankroll required.  Just like investing in stocks, you control how much you invest and can use your favorite Sports Book (Draft Kings, Fan Duel etc).

PSI is 100% Transparent and 100% Verifiable.  No Gimmicks! No false claims!   

Multiple sports covered including player/game props and Live bet investing through PSI Live.  Receive Text Messages instantly for Live play opportunities. 

Articles, Analysis and Cheat Sheets highlighting key statistics and probabilty

Proven profitability and consistent profits. PSI has NEVER had a losing month.

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Probability wagering targets opportunities with an 82%-96% success rate for consistent long-term profits.

Our team of Software Engineers and Data Analyst provide PSI Insiders a comprehensive analysis of the best investments each day. 


Doug G. 
New Orleans

Great Investment!  I consistently profit from PSI. It's easy and I receive Text messages for Live Bets,  great articles, and analysis.  Probabiity wagering is a remarkable concept  I've never seen before.  It will blow you away the analytics they provide and the data that back up their investments.    Customer Support is Excellent and they answer any questions  I have..  This is truly an investing tool I wish I had found sooner.


Thomas T.

I've tried several handicapping services and they are a waste of money and empty promises.  PSI is different and not a handicapping service.   Probability wagering is the real deal.   The approach PSI takes is hands down different from all the others.


Joey R.

I average $2k profit each month.  The best money I've ever spent.  The concept is genius and so easy anyone can follow their lead. I'd pay a lot more than what they charge.  You will win your money back and then some on your first day of the month.

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Why do we charge what we do?   PSI consistently produces profits and many hours our spent each day updating data and researching new opportunities based on probability and value.  It's a difficult and tedious process that works.  Invest in sports and STOP GAMBLING!  


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