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4/12 PSI Results

Probability Bets 1-1

Wander Franco to get on base WIN

Franco will be going up against LHP Chris Sale and he crushes him going 5/7 .714 with 1 triple and 1 HR. Franco hit LHP really good last season batting .304 and a .324 OBP. I like for him to get a hit as well but I'm playing it safe because Sale might want nothing to do with him and just walk him.

Bo Bitchette to get on base LOSS

He will be facing Eduardo Rodriguez who he is 3/7 .429 with 1 Double and 1 HR. When Bitchette is facing a starting LHP he has got on base in 24/L25 games. Love this spot for him today and should get on base.

Best Bets 3-0

Astros F5 ML -125 WIN

Sonny Gray O4.5 K's -150 WIN


Parlay (+941) LOSS

Houston ALT -2.5

Sonny Gray 7+ K's


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