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4/20 PSI Results

Probability Bets

Juan Soto to get walked WIN

You are going to be able to get this line at +450 per PA today! This guys is a walk machine having 1+ walk in 14/20 games. He will be facing Ryne Nelson who walks batters 7.93% of the time and 9.67% in '22. Nelson just faced Soto and he was walked 2 times! 1st Inning Soto went deep, and I don't see Nelson giving him a chance to do it again.

Juriickson Profar to get walked WIN

I just couldn't pass this opportunity up crazy value as you can get him at +700 per PA. He is facing Matt Strahm who is walking batters 11.9% of the time and 10% last season. Profar is batting leadoff today and Strahm has had trouble with those guys in the past walking them 14.2% of the time this season and 21.05% last season. Last season Profar vs LHP was walked 14% compared to 12% to RHP. Love the value here!

Best Bets WIN

(SGP -135)

Dodgers Over 4.5 Runs

Dodgers ALT +2.5


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