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MAY PSI Results

Let's recap this insane May run!!!

Best Bets 50-22 Record

PSI's Best Bets were unreal this month having a lot of streaks the most notable is going 12-3 through May 7/12th. If you put 1 Unit on each play you would have profited +26.35U turning $25 per unit into $658.85

Probability Bets 59-7

PSI's most successful/profitable selection did unreal again this month going 59-7 a 89.3% Hit Rate. If started with 1 Unit each play and used our format like we told you to you would have made a ridiculous +66.35 Units so you could have turned your $25 into $1,658.75.



$25 Start would have profited $2,317.5.

I know that looks so fake but here at PSI we are 100% Transparent and have long-term members to back us up! Join our 7-day free trial today!!!


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